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Whether your stairway is curved, straight, indoor, outdoor, or split by multiple landings, our stairlifts help you live vibrantly and well at home. Explore. Rent, Or Buy.

Does a stairlift require special electrical accommodations?

No. This fast and easy home accessibility solution simply plugs into your standard electrical outlets, saving you from extra electrical costs. Stairlifts are also dependable during a power outage by running on a constant charge back-up battery.

What service or maintenance is required when owning a stairlift?

Routine maintenance inspections can keep your stairlift operating for years!
Stairlifts are also accompanied by a manufacturer warranty to offer select coverage for any repairs required in your first years of use. Motion’s LOCAL factory-trained technicians are ready to support your maintenance and service
needs to ensure your peace of mind.

Will the stairlift cause damage to my staircase or walls if I decide to move?

No. The only evidence of your stairlift being installed after removal will be small holes where the stairlift was bolted to your stair treads. These small holes have minimal appearance on carpet and can be patched with filler and stain on solid surfaces.

How much does a stairlift cost?

The cost of a stairlift varies depending on the length and configuration of your staircase. Our trained LOCAL experts
are ready to provide you a quote through a FREE in-home or virtual consultation. FREE Installation is also provided with the purchase of a stairlift. Call NHHC to book an appointment today!

Can I rent a stairlift?

Yes. Stairlifts are available for rent.

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We are simply the best at what we do. A stairlift can give you your independence back and let you stay in your home. We take pride in giving you and your loved one’s peace of mind knowing you are safe in your own home. 

For straight simple staircases, we can install a straight stairlift on either side of the stairs. Whichever side works best for you. Most of the time a door at the top is no issue.  We will customize the installation according to your needs:

Buy or RENT

Buy or rental rates available. Short or long term. You can also "Rent-to-own".

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We have helped thousands of people reclaim their independence.

exceptional warranties

Customized, installs quickly. Fully backed by manufactres and out extended warranties.

Insurance / Financing available

We support government funding programs such as ADP / ODSP purchases and more... Ask about our zero percent interest financing programs.

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