Protect.CAT Walker Air Boot- Short

Protect.CAT Walker Air Boot- Short



Product Description

Product features

  • Air system with medial and lateral air passage around the ankle and up to the forefoot
  • Air pump and ventilation valve for easy handling
  • Easy adjustment and removal of toe protector
  • Flat, rounded sole for natural, stable gait

Intended purpose

Safe and effective immobilisation
Three strap system ensures high stability and reduces anterior talar shift
Available as optional extra: heel wedge sets for Achilles’ tendon rupture

Goal setting

Open the two lower belts and the upper belt on the left-hand side. Fold the shin and the belts away to the right. Remove the inner shoe from the Walker.
Open the leg and foot part of the inner shoe by loosening the Velcro fasteners. Ask the patient to place his foot and lower leg into the inner shoe. Make sure that the air chambers are empty and that the valve is loosened anti-clockwise (deflate).
Close the inner shoe and make sure that it is firmly fixed to the patient’s leg. Align the pump in such a way that it is sitting in the middle and so that later it fits into the space provided for the shin.
Now ask the patient to place their foot in the half shell of the Walker. The lower leg and foot should be positioned so that they fit exactly into the shell.
Check to see that the foot is properly set and positioned in the Walker. Make sure that the patient’s toes are not pushing against the toe protector. If necessary, the toe protector’s position can be adjusted or it can be removed completely.
Now place the loose shin onto the patient’s shinbone and foot from the front. Make sure that the pump and ventilator fit into the spaces provided.
Close the upper belt.
Retighten the right-hand belt again as well in order to stabilise the system.
Then close all the other belts one after the other. The belts should fit tightly. Extra material can be cut away.
Ask the patient to walk around in the orthosis to make sure that the Walker is sitting properly.
To tighten the Walker’s fit, the air cushion can be filled using the pump system. To this end, close the valve by turning it clockwise (inflate) and then pump air into the chamber. The padded pieces can be used as additional padding.