Offset Cane with Retractable Ice Pick

Offset Cane with Retractable Ice Pick

Made from lightweight aluminum, this cane has an offset handle which is ergonomic, comfortable to use and reduces stress on hands and wrist. This functional cane is adjustable in height, with a retractable ice pick foot which provides solid support and stability in icy conditions.

TPR handle
Wrist strap

1 year warranty


Height adjustable: 31” to 39” / 79 to 99 cm
Increments: 1” / 2.5 cm
Weight Capacity: 300 lbs / 136 kg

Setting the Height:
When a cane is a mobility enhancer, we recommend the purchaser have the cane properly sized by a health care professional.  If the user wishes to size it on their own, please follow the below steps.  Note: A second person may be needed to aid in the process: 

Allow your hands to hang at your sides.  There will be a slight bend in your elbow, this is OK.
Select the push button setting that positions the handle at wrist level, when your arm is at your side.

Model: 56005