Golden Technologies is one of the most trusted name brands in mobility. They include an industry-leading warranty and a 1-year repair contract with every purchase. We highly recommend consulting with our product experts before placing your order. Make sure to charge your batteries daily for the first 2 weeks during the break-in period. The batteries must be broken in for a few weeks to reach optimal range.

(ITEM# GP-162)



Product Description

Golden LiteRider Envy Portable General Overview

Redesigned in 2022 – The LiteRider Envy by Golden Technology is a Class II Medical Device which compact and reliable power wheelchair that’s now available the GP162B is a stellar travel power wheelchair. They have mostly all of the same features, Both are capable of supporting up to 300 lbs in weight capacity and feature a tubular frame that has a stadium-style seat, and underneath there’s a place basket to store belongings.

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Each LiteRider Envy model also can go a driving range of 15.5 miles between charging and speed up to 3.5 mph. What makes them unique from one another is the GP160 model disassembles into a three-piece set which includes a battery pack, the base, and the seat. The GP162 is disassembled the same way but the base frame can be disassembled from the transaxle creating two separated pieces, the GP160 base model’s heaviest piece is 37 lbs while the GP162 is about 35 lbs. So it’s user preference as far as deciding which model to choose.

LiteRider ENVY Envy Power Wheelchair for Sale

It’s not hard to find a place online with Golden Technologies Lite Rider Envy for sale. But not many can say they have a direct relationship with the manufacturer. Proudly Mobility Scooters Direct can! We are not the only provider for these two models but we are a factory-authorized seller who can beat any competitor’s price on this power wheelchair so look no further Mobility Scooters Direct will get you the best deal online on the Golden Technologies LiteRider Envy for sale online.

Like always, when you’re buying a power wheelchair by Golden Technology from us, you get a large variety of electric wheelchairs made by Golden Technologies at wholesale pricing including the LiteRider Envy Portable so there is no better time purchase your LiteRider Envy power chair than today! This is one of our best-selling power wheelchairs for transportation needs. The all-new model of the GP162 ENVY is less than a one-year-old model. It was a hit at the med-trade show in Atlanta Georgia where it was first introduced. A more clean and rigid power wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use.

Why the Golden Light Rider Envy Power Wheelchair is Great for Travel

  • Model: GP162
  • Comes apart in five manageable parts
  • Motor separates from the frame
  • Easy removable lightweight battery pack
  • Fits in the trunk of most vehicles and FAA airplane compliant