EVOLUTION – Aria Bath Stool

EVOLUTION – Aria Bath Stool

Evolution Aria Bath Stool: Discover unparalleled comfort and safety with our exclusive Aria Bath Stool. Dive into a luxurious bathing experience where pioneering design is flawlessly combined with exceptional comfort and resilience.




Product Description

Evolution Aria Bath Stool by Med Supplies: Elevate Your Bathing Experience

Dive into an oasis of safety and luxurious comfort with our exclusive Aria Bath Stool by Evolution. Med Supplies invites you to explore a bathing experience where groundbreaking design, impeccable comfort, and robust resilience are flawlessly merged to serve your every need.

Outstanding Features Include:

  • 2.0mm Thick Aluminum Tubing:

    • Achieve superior safety, stability, and durability with our robust aluminum tubing, twice as thick as the industry standard.
  • Premium Silicone Seat:

    • Revel in comfort with our anti-slip, eco-friendly silicone padding that also assures you mold-resistant properties.
  • Rounded Rubber Feet:

    • Assure your stability even in contoured bathtubs with our specially designed rubber feet.
  • Patented Drainage Outlet:

    • Enjoy an ever-clean and hygienic stool thanks to our unique and patented drainage system.
  • Adaptable Height:

    • Customize your comfort with our adaptable height settings.
  • Optional Support Handle:

    • Choose models with an attachable support handle for added stability, configurable to either side.
  • Effortless Assembly:

    • Experience a hassle-free setup with our tool-free assembly process.

What Sets Med Supplies Apart?

  • Same-Day Free Delivery in Edmonton:
    • Avail of our exclusive same-day free delivery service within Edmonton, ensuring your Aria Bath Stool arrives at your doorstep promptly.

Why Opt for the Aria Bath Stool from Med Supplies?

Med Supplies combines the pioneering craftsmanship of the Aria Bath Stool with a customer-first approach. The ideal synthesis of design intelligence, robust materials, and optimal comfort presents you with a bathing accessory that stands peerless in the market.

Whether you seek enhanced support or a luxurious addition to your bath, the Aria Bath Stool not only meets but exceeds expectations, providing a sanctuary of stability, comfort, and elegance in your bathing space.

Embark on a journey of opulent and secure bathing with the Aria Bath Stool, delivered to your door with speed and care by Med Supplies – your partner in health and well-being.