DRIVE – PrimeCare P903 Hospital Bed

DRIVE – PrimeCare P903 Hospital Bed

The P903 Prime Care bed by Drive Medical offers versatiliy and reliability for Long Term Care (LTC) patients, their families and caregivers with a 600 lbs weight capacity. It is an ideal choice for use as a Long Term Care bed due to its ability to lower to a very safe 7″ and rise to 30″ in order to facilitate caregiver duties. Its revolutionary expandable deck can suit any patient’s sizing and comfort needs – including tall and bariatric individuals. 

Weight Capacity: 600 lbs

Height Range: 7″-30″

Sleep Deck Dimensions: 36″to 39″- 42″ (optional expansion) x 80″, 84″, 88″

(Item #P903)



Product Description

PrimeCare P903 Low, Expandable LTC Hospital Bed Features and Benefits:

  • Weight Capacity: 600 lbs (Including mattress and accessories)
  • Height Range: 7″ to 30″ 
  • Optional expandable bed width to 39″ – 42″ 
  • Expandable sleep surface length – 80″, 84″ and 88″
  • Colour coded floor lock system
  • 10 Function Backlit Hand Pendant Control
  • Synchronized Hi/Lo control system
  • Eight 3″ Heavy Duty dual footprint casters
  •  Bed Options: 
    • Staff Control with Trendelenburg, Reverse Trendelenburg and Cardiac Chair 
    • Bed Ends
    • Assist bars, rails, deluxe assist rails
    • Embedded staff control (Enables Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg)
    • Battery Back-up


User Load capacity: 600 lbs. (272 kg)
Bed weight: 222 lbs. (100 kg)
Min. height: 7″
Max. height: 30″
Max. backrest angle: n/a
Max. footrest angle: n/a
Deck dimensions: 36″to 39″- 42″ (optional expansion) x 80″, 84″, 88″
Overall external dimensions: 38.5″ (w) x 85.25″ (L) x 8″ (H)
Recommended mattress height: 5″
Support for trapeze bar n/a
Trendelenburg position available