Cryo/Cuff IC Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff – RENTAL

Cryo/Cuff IC Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff – RENTAL


Integrated cold and compression are clinically proven to help reduce post-operative swelling and regain range of motion. The Cryo/Cuff IC provides gravity and motorized, automated cold and compression therapy for flexibility of care. Featuring an integrated pneumatic pump within its lid, the Cryo/Cuff IC is simply designed and easy to use.




Ideal for: Post-operative recovery, trauma, athletic training rooms, and home use


WARNING: This device can be cold enough to cause serious injury/ Read and understand all warnings and instructions for use before using this device. Additional warnings appear in the instructions for use.


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Product Description

Cryo/Cuff IC Cooler with Knee Cryo/Cuff

  • Intermittent cold and compression

    Help reduce post-operative swelling

  • Integrated pneumatic pump

    Designed for safety and ease of use

  • Gravity and motorized options

    Offers flexibility of care

  • Flexible, durable and mobile

    Whisper-quiet motor, insulated cuff, and quick pad disconnect

Additional Information


Large 20" – 31", Medium 18" – 23"