CONVATEC – 420787 – *** Discontinued *** – TR101 Niltac Sting-free Adhesive Remover Spray, 50ml

CONVATEC – 420787 – *** Discontinued *** – TR101 Niltac Sting-free Adhesive Remover Spray, 50ml



Product Description

The hypoallergenic spray is based on silicone technology and ensures pain-free removal of the ostomy or wound dressing.

The wound dressing is gently detached from the skin even with strong adhesion.

  • Easily and rapidly releases appliances or dressings adhered with adhesive
  • Helps minimize trauma to patient with “No Touch” removal
  • Helps minimize skin stripping that causes pain


Adhesive Remover Spray Stoma


Stomach wear involves contact between the abdominal skin and the adhesive (adhesive surface) of the stoma bags or the motherboard. Removing accessories may damage the outer skin protective layer. As a result, the skin may become red, rubbed, sore, possibly infected, and other skin damage may occur. Silicone is widely used in medicine for its excellent properties. When using silicone-containing products, there is no stinging sensation.

Niltac silicone based medical adhesive remover spray and cloth silicone penetrates between the skin and the adhesive and gently detaches the accessory. Used for each bag change. After using Niltac products and preparing your skin, wait a few seconds before applying the new accessory.




  • They do not contain fragrances, alcohol, oil, water or preservatives, which can cause many unpleasant reactions (leaks, hips, stinging, sweating, allergies, hypersensitivity, other skin problems).
  • Hypoallergenics.
  • They act quickly, easily, and are evenly distributed over the skin.
  • Gentle to the skin.
  • Provides a silky and smooth feel.
  • Dries quickly, evaporates, leaves no stains on clothes.