COLOPLAST – 2650 – Paste Tube (60g)

COLOPLAST – 2650 – Paste Tube (60g)



Product Description

Coloplast® Ostomy Paste fills deeper cavities and folds, creating a tight seal between the baseplate and skin.

For extra security between your skin and appliance

  • Comes with a rolling key: easy to use for people with weak hands or fingers
  • Easy to apply directly to the skin or to the baseplate.

Coloplast Paste Tube (60g)

Coloplast paste in a tube, due to its composition, is used to protect the skin around the stoma from the aggressive effects of the intestinal discharge of urine.  The paste has absorbent properties (absorbs moisture). Thus, the skin around the stoma remains dry. In addition, the paste is used to fill the skin irregularities around the stoma, creating a flat surface for reliable adhesion of the plate. You just need to fill the bumps in the skin with the paste and stick the colloid receiver to it. Coloplast paste, like a sealant, prevents the intestinal discharge or urine from flowing under the plate, thereby prolonging the life of the plate.


The paste is available in the form of a tube weighing 60gm. To use the paste, you must open the tube and squeeze a sufficient amount of paste. Place a strip of paste around the stoma and with slightly wet fingers align it towards the center of the stoma. For ease of use, the tube with the paste is equipped with a special handle that facilitates the extrusion of the paste and its more economical use.