COLOPLAST – 10103 – SenSura 2 pc. Flex Skin Barrier w/ Flange, Cut-to-Fit, Standard Wear, Non-Convex, Yellow 10-68mm, BX 10

COLOPLAST – 10103 – SenSura 2 pc. Flex Skin Barrier w/ Flange, Cut-to-Fit, Standard Wear, Non-Convex, Yellow 10-68mm, BX 10



Product Description

SenSura Flex is a two-piece appliance with adhesive coupling, providing the benefits of a one-piece – the unique combination of security and flexibility.

Quick Overview

  • Adhesive type: Standard
  • Baseplate hole size:  10-68mm
  • Baseplate hole type: Cut-to-Fit
  • Baseplate type: Non-Convex
  • Belt tab: No
  • Coupling size:  70mm Yellow

The Coloplast 10103 Flex Skin Barrier is a beneficial barrier for people who are looking for a clean, secure, and tight seal with a 2-piece ostomy system; connecting to your bag without any leakage and replacing the bag without having to remove the barrier.

The extremely low profile design allows for a fully discreet ostomy system to be placed and used without any sacrifice of performance. The low profile design of the barrier outstands the current so-called low-profile barriers on the market today.

The low profile does not impact its ability to attach to a bag properly. The ample coupling surface gives the Coloplast 10103 flex skin barrier the necessary space for a just fit. When selecting a bag, make sure it is compatible with the flex standard wear. Coloplast bags are almost all compatible with their family line of ostomy systems as long as it is of the same one-piece or two-piece system.

Keep in mind there are bags also depending on your lifestyle, while some bags have a great adhesive backing, they may also not be large enough for your daily use; while on the other hand, the bag can be small enough and water-resistant, perfect if you live actively. The flexible design of the barrier wear is a great choice for people who move constantly throughout their day, either at work or at the gym when your body is given the high demand for mobility. The flexible design will move with you, it will bend into shape if sitting, stretching, bending, or compressing.

The cut-to-fit opening gives you the option of choosing the opening size based on your own uniqueness and the shape of your stoma. There is a pre-printed guide on the opening to the barrier to help guide you in cutting the correct size, simply outline the shape of your stoma, and cut out the section – making it one of the best options you can make for comfort and performance when it comes to barriers.


Product Features and Benefits


  1. Optional Belt Tabs
  2. Highly Low-Profile Design
  3. Ample Coupling Surface
  4. Flexible Design
  5. Super Adhesive Barrier


Product Specifications


  1. Manufacturer: Coloplast
  2. Brand: SenSura
  3. Latex: Yes/No
  4. Application: Ostomy Barrier
  5. Barrier Shape: NonConvex
  6. Barrier Type: Trim to Fit